Frequently Asked Questions

My garage door is not closing, or the light blinks when I try to close it. How do I close it?

How do I align the photocell eyes on my garage door?

  • In most cases, a poor alignment of the photocell eyes can prevent the garage door closing.
  • These can be thrown out of alignment when they are bumped accidentally (e.g. items falling over in the garage, etc.)
  • Please refer to this document for instructions on how to re-align them:

If the eyes are aligned, clean, and unobstructed, there may be a more complex problem going on. Please call our service department to have one of our qualified technicians inspect your system. Do not try to service the system yourself, as this may present a safety hazard as well as void your warranty.

How do I program the remotes for my Garage Door?

Please refer to the following guide for instructions on programming remotes for your door:

Can people break into my garage door?

There have been some reports on the Internet about techniques to open garage doors. Overhead Door is aware of such techniques and installs doors in a way that makes them very difficult to break into using these methods. However, if somebody really wants to get into something, they will find another way. They can just as easily break a window, and for this reason we might argue that your garage door is not the weakest point of your home. If you are seriously concerned about the security of your home, please talk to one our specialists about rolling shutters and other secure entry solutions.

What do I do if I lose (or somebody steals) my garage door remote?

We recommend resetting your lift unit to the remotes linked to it, then obtaining a new set of remotes and re-pairing them.

On most units, the steps to take are:

  1. Unplug the door lift operator
  2. Hold the Reset / Learn button for 8 seconds.
    1. This will clear the memory of any remotes. After this step, NONE of the remotes that were on the unit will work.
  3. Call an Overhead Door representative to obtain a new set of remotes.
  4. Re-program the new remotes to your door.

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