Why Garaga

Founded in 1983, Garaga is a leading manufacturer of garage and overhead doors in Canada, selling their products throughout Canada, the U.S., Central and South America. Garaga is best known for a high quality product and a wide selection of garage doors, with 31 different door designs and 10 different colours leading to thousands of different combinations. Its product warranties and “Garaga Expert” network assure all Garaga customers that they can count on qualified garage door experts in the sales, installation, and repair of garage doors.


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Commitment to Quality

Garaga’s 190 employees develop, test, market, and support garage door products using up-to-date tools and technologies. Being aware of the customer’s needs, backed by unbeatable warranties, allows for the distribution of quality garage door products and accessories. These efforts have built up Garaga’s reputation on an international scale and allowed for the installation of 1.7 million doors since its founding.

Commitment to the Environment

Garaga insulated doors are pressure injected with polyurethane foam that provides a true “R value” (R-12 to R-18). A solid interlocking joint with double lip weather-stripping contact, as well as an efficient thermal break, increases weather tightness and reduces air infiltration, keeping the warm air in during the winter as it should be. On top of being energy efficient, Garaga uses recyclable aluminum in their doors. The high quality steel used in the doors and the hardware components of the door systems include 25% recycled steel.

Commitment to Customers

Garaga doors have a limited lifetime warranty and are designed to last over 25 years. Inspired by Canada’s severe weather, Garaga’s garage doors are designed to be weather tight, strong, and constructed with long lasting components — all with a flawless finish.


Garaga Garage Doors, They Work Hard

Garaga, Beauty of Quality; Solidity


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